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doing my hw before i get a chow [Oct. 21st, 2009|12:12 am]
A community devoted to the Chow Chow. Join in!
hi there! 

what are the differences between girl and boy chows? for a first-time chow owner, is one or the other better to start out with as a beginner?

[User Picture]From: thekerriproject
2009-10-21 02:42 pm (UTC)
I've only ever had a male. But he's WONDERFUL!

and sometimes difficult. and sometimes naughty. and sometimes unpredictable.

But the most expressive, entertaining dog I've ever owned.

Welcome to the chow world.

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[User Picture]From: confusedkain
2009-10-21 08:45 pm (UTC)
My chow was a female. I was lucky enough to get the most sweet tempered and loyal chow I have ever met.

Normally, when I approach a female (owned by a passer by or a old customer from my local PETCO) they tend to growl and bark right away. I've only met a few other males and they where all very quiet but curious.

It could just be me but those are my experiences between the two genders. Good luck! :D
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[User Picture]From: kitty_bangbang
2009-10-22 03:07 am (UTC)
I've had male and female and I've had good exspirences with both thus why i have one now lol. in highschool i had a full male chow chow and a male golden/chow mix. they were both the best dogs ever, very loyal never bit anyone or attempted. they barked that was it. well red the full chow chow i got at a year old he belonged to my neighbor. my neighbor was awful to his dogs he also had a lab pup and they were always at my house he never touched em only fed em wanted em to be mean. he got mad cos they were at my house and said he was gonna feed em gun powder! so i took both dogs!
it took a few months before the chow would even let me pet him, once in awhile i could pet him one stroke then he'd run off. then one day i was playing w my m ix and out of nowhere he just ran up to us and jumped in and on me! playing! i was sorta startled and scared if he was playing or not, which he was! after that day he wasn't terrified ever of ppl again. except since he wasnt taught as a pup during play time no bite sometimes he'd run up behind you and pinch yur butt and one person did think he bit her, which he was just playing.

now i have a female chow chow, shes a cry baby lol. i have the female chow chow and two male pit bulls with two cats and a 4 year old. everyone gets along great! just make sure you SOCIALIZE SOCIALIZE SOCIALIZE! thats a very important thing! ppl are so amazed at how friendly she is. my neighbors dog got loose ran up to us barking w his hair up on his back once she licked his nose lol.

eaither way they are great dogs very loyal, she was a zip to train! u'll always want a chow chow after you have yur first.
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[User Picture]From: kikuko_kamimura
2009-10-24 01:00 pm (UTC)
I've always had female chows, and as many other commenters have said, no matter what gender you end up with, it's very important to socialize them--they will always be extremely loyal to their family, and if you don't socialize them it could be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for them to interact with others without seeing them as a threat; so that's important.

Female chows tend to be much more stubborn in my experience; if they don't want to do something, they won't do it! Male chows, at least the ones I knew, tended to be more on the roving side--and of course, they are bigger, so they need a lot of space.
I've heard that female chows are better in homes with small children, just because they tend to be a little bit better about being played with, but it really depends on your dog's individual temperament; and if they grow up around other people, then there will be no problems at all. The chow I grew up with (I got her when I was 5, and she passed away when I was in college) was such a sweetheart, and so smart.

Either way, they're a wonderful pet! Good luck.
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