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training a chow puppy [Nov. 12th, 2009|12:18 pm]
A community devoted to the Chow Chow. Join in!
hi everyone!

i recently got my first ever chow puppy. i have done alot of reading about how chows need to be raised, and now i'm hellbent on making sure i socialize him correctly and train him right. but the thing is, he's nothing like any dog i've ever had, so i was hoping you guys could help me out with some questions. :) 

1. he doesn't like playing fetch or really play, and is generally content to just chill out/get petted. i've only had golden retrievers and english bulldogs, so maybe my games for him aren't chow-appropriate? do you guys recommend any games/activities for chow puppies that are better suited for them? i'm worried him laying around is a sign of boredom. tbh, i've never had a puppy before, so i was expecting a really hyper crazy puppy, so i'm a little thrown off.

2. i'm really concerned about how he will react with other dogs. i read that chows don't get along with dogs of the same sex that aren't in their household. my family who i visit alot all have male dogs (bulldogs, spaniels, etc), and i really want to make sure that my puppy is used to playing with other dogs. i've been thinking about a combination of obedience classes and weekly trips to the dog park. do you guys recommend anything else?

3. any advice/ tips/tricks/stories would be greatly appreciated! 

i just really want to make sure i raise my puppy right when he's still young and easily correctable. alot of people that found out i got a chow puppy have been warning me about how they're vicious and tempermental dogs, and i'd really like to prove them wrong.

thanks alot!

[User Picture]From: thekerriproject
2009-11-12 06:58 pm (UTC)
Oh man! I was in your boat with my Chow. I had only owned Golden Retrievers (dopey dogs) and a Samoyed until the Chow... and he was unlike any dog I've ever owned.

1) He doesn't particularly like to fetch or catch something in his mouth but he loves to go find a toy and bring it to me and play keep away. Soon as I get it or throw it, the game is over.

2) He doesn't like many other dogs, especially dogs smaller than him. With every single dog I introduce him to I feel like I have to make the whole thing happen. Introduce them slowly, tell him it's a friendly dog etc. If he doesn't decide to try and kill it he'll just ignore it and run off on his own. I think that's his way of saying I like you. He just runs off.

3) The more people/dogs I introduce to his world the better he's behaved. It seems like he gets along better with people who aren't. "ohh what a cute puppy.. googoogoo". He prefers stronger, less fluffy-wuffy people who act like people. If that makes sense. As soon as someone baby talks in his face I'm nervous he'll snip at them.

It was hard for me getting used to how aloof chows are. I never know what to expect so he keeps me on my toes. But he is the absolute funnest dog I've ever owned.
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