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training a chow puppy - For the Love of the Chow Chow [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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training a chow puppy [Nov. 12th, 2009|12:18 pm]
A community devoted to the Chow Chow. Join in!
hi everyone!

i recently got my first ever chow puppy. i have done alot of reading about how chows need to be raised, and now i'm hellbent on making sure i socialize him correctly and train him right. but the thing is, he's nothing like any dog i've ever had, so i was hoping you guys could help me out with some questions. :) 

1. he doesn't like playing fetch or really play, and is generally content to just chill out/get petted. i've only had golden retrievers and english bulldogs, so maybe my games for him aren't chow-appropriate? do you guys recommend any games/activities for chow puppies that are better suited for them? i'm worried him laying around is a sign of boredom. tbh, i've never had a puppy before, so i was expecting a really hyper crazy puppy, so i'm a little thrown off.

2. i'm really concerned about how he will react with other dogs. i read that chows don't get along with dogs of the same sex that aren't in their household. my family who i visit alot all have male dogs (bulldogs, spaniels, etc), and i really want to make sure that my puppy is used to playing with other dogs. i've been thinking about a combination of obedience classes and weekly trips to the dog park. do you guys recommend anything else?

3. any advice/ tips/tricks/stories would be greatly appreciated! 

i just really want to make sure i raise my puppy right when he's still young and easily correctable. alot of people that found out i got a chow puppy have been warning me about how they're vicious and tempermental dogs, and i'd really like to prove them wrong.

thanks alot!

[User Picture]From: daisybaby7
2009-11-12 07:02 pm (UTC)
1. My chow never played fetch. What you're describing is exactly how Chows are. They generally are content to just be and not do a lot of playing.

My chow, Simba, loved being bumped with (playfully of course) and he would wag his tail a lot when we talked to him and took him for walks. He loved those tug of war rope things you can buy at the store.

2. Whatever you're reading about how Chows behave with other animals, is totally false. EVERY Chow is different. Simba loved going to the dog park to meet other dogs and was totally happy doing his own thing, whether it was with other dogs or not. If you socialize them more, yeah they'll be more friendly with other dogs... but just b/c you don't, if you don't, doesn't mean they won't like other dogs.

I hate all the rumors people spread about Chows. It's like with any dog, if you raise them violently and meanly, then yeah of course they'll be "vicious". It all depends on who/how you raise them. A lot of them are friendly. But it's people who purposely raise them scarily that give them a bad name.

Good luck! Any pictures?
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