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And then there was Pepper - For the Love of the Chow Chow [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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And then there was Pepper [May. 7th, 2010|12:00 am]
A community devoted to the Chow Chow. Join in!



For all my fellow Chow lovers I posted this in addition to a past blog about our first Chow. We are so excited to have this wonderful addition. We love this breed because they are like the feline of the canine world. They are independant, stoic, faithful and loving. Can't wait to totally over-socialize her and love her to pieces!!! :)

What a weekend! We drove our children to pick up our new puppy. It was a 6 ½ hour car ride, each way, involving a hotel stay and about 40 jillion potty breaks. It was an adventure to say the least. I am still a little fried, honestly.


We picked up my husband’s dream dog. After owning a cinnamon Chow for 11 years and mourning her for two we decided it was time to add a new baby to our home. We found this amazing kennel in Fairborn, OH. D&M Farm was an incredible place run by equally wonderful people. The newest member of our family is a black Chow named Pepper who is just as black as she can be. Her fur, her eyes, her gums, tongue, paws, and nails are all the same beautiful jet black. Her attitude is chill and she is super great at the whole potty training bit (so far) especially for only being 6 weeks old. The kids are crazy about her and need constant reminding that we will have her for her whole life. That is if they don’t squeeze her to death trying to love her.


The hardest part of Pepper so far is trying to get a picture of her to share with everyone. She is so all one shade of dark that any photo I have tried taking is just a shadow of her actual cuteness. For this task I called on a very good friend and photographer to see if she would have any luck. Wouldn’t ya know, she did. Enjoy the pic.





[User Picture]From: mommybreath
2010-05-08 04:47 am (UTC)
My kiddos are 5 and 3. thanks!
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